Range merging in poker

Range merging is an advanced strategy to play in poker and should only be used if you thoroughly understand the tactic.

The play would be used after the river in which you would bet quite large at the final round of betting. By doing this you would either suggest you have the nuts or you are bluffing. You would only do this though if you have a medium sized hand.

The ideal scenario is that your opponent will call the bet because they think you are bluffing, but they would not consider a medium-sized hand at this point so although you don’t have nuts, you are likely to beat a weaker hand. Anyone who plays paypal poker should keep an eye out for this tactic being used.

If your opponent folds after your bet, you don’t lose anything and take the pot anyway. However, by leading your opponent into the bet, you are getting extra value by the way you have played the medium sized hand.

The reason why this bet works so well is because our opponents thinks you have nothing and that you are simply looking to bluff a pot at the late stage.  They don’t stop to think about what hand you actually may have, they simply see it as a bluff attempt, and call you with any type of hand, including a mid-range pair. You will see people doing this now and then at the Betfair WSOPE.

Range merging should not be used on a frequent basis otherwise your opponents will become wise to it and it can really work against you. If an opponent has slow played a hand, then you would be walking right into a trap and potentially losing a serious amount of chips with your bet.?