5,235 yards but can he get going when the Patriots are under pressure?

The current total of 5,235 yards that Tom Brady has thrown this season is impressive, there’s no doubting that, but the fact that Brady has been at his best when the Patriots have arguably not been on top form makes his stats appear even more impressive.

With Brady having already won three Super Bowl rings, and normally finding himself one of the very first players to be picked for the All Star NFL game, it cannot be disputed that this is a man who is going to go down in the NFL history books as a true legend. Those looking at the Super Bowl Betting will be wondering if he can add to his success.

That said, there is one minor (very minor!) fault to Tom Brady as a player and that weakness comes to light when he fails to perform at his best when the game starts running away from him and he is forced to work at a speed forced upon him rather than at his own pace.

While all quarterbacks are forced to learn how to scramble and be speedy in the pocket, there are some like Michael Vick who know how to do so almost by instinct, and seem to be in their element when they are being chased. Having enjoyed watching Brady in the past, it is fair to say that he is not one of those quarterbacks and it is unlikely that he ever will be. Fans of Betfair NFL should bear this in mind.

With this in mind, it would be interesting to see how Brady would cope with the pressure that would be placed upon his shoulders should he come up against the San Francisco 49ers and their amazing defence. Although it is unlikely that the 49ers would put too much pressure on the Patriots with their offensive skills, they wouldn’t make it an open game, meaning that Brady would be forced to hurry his play despite not wanting to.

If he can cope with this, however, and get himself a fourth Super Bowl ring, he will be able to put to bed any notion that he can’t deal with pressure.