888 Crazy Blackjack

Crazy BlackJack is the latest thrilling game from 888.com's Casino-on-Net, exclusively for 888.com players, and promises you even more action and more ways to win than Classic Online BlackJack with three incredible side bets! Crazy Blackjack from 888 lets you win like crazy. Their motto "Life's short. Go a little crazy." speaks for itself.

You'll love how easy it is to play and win with Crazy BlackJack's fantastic features:

  • 777 Jackpot Bet - Just a $1 bet could win you $150,000
  • Highest Hand Bet - Predict the highest hand to get paid!
  • Safe Bet - Finally, the worst hands will pay out!
  • Multi-hand play - plus all the regular features of BlackJack

Like Classic BlackJack, the objective of Crazy BlackJack is to accumulate cards with a higher numerical total than the dealer without exceeding 21. On top of placing the standard Classic BlackJack bet, Crazy BlackJack offers a Safe Bet, Highest Hand Bet and 777 Jackpot Bet. This means you can place up to a total of 12 BlackJack bets at once! You won't get a deal as good as this with another online casino

Online BlackJack has never been so fun, so log into 888.com's games now and win like crazy with Crazy BlackJack! Get some great blackjack tips on this site. You can also check out these strategy articles to learn even more about online blackjack as well as use the practise table below.

Whether it be blackjack or a slots tournament, players can find excitement in an online casino as well as stand a chance to win large jackpots.

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